Shams al Maeda Foodstuff Trading LLC

Premium-Quality Sugar Sourced from India, Brazil, Thailand, Europe, and Al Khaleej and Renuka in Dubai
Shams al Maeda Foodstuff Trading LLC proudly serves as your global food partner, offering top-quality food products to clients worldwide. Located in Dubai, UAE, Shams al Maeda is a renowned wholesale sugar supplier that imports sugar from various regions, including India, Brazil, Thailand, Europe, and Al Khaleej. The company is unwavering in its commitment to delivering the finest sugar available in the market and has established itself as a highly reliable and trusted supplier across the Middle East, Africa, and beyond.

Our product range includes ICUMSA 45 Crystal White Sugar, Sugar S30 (ICUMSA 100), ICUMSA 150 Crystal White Sugar, and Brown Sugar (ICUMSA 600–1200). These sugar variants are meticulously chosen and sourced to ensure they meet the exacting standards that Shams al Maeda is famous for. We are dedicated to offering our clients nothing but the highest quality sugar and continually strive to meet their diverse needs by providing a wide array of sugar products to select from.

Sugar Icumsa 45

Sugar Icumsa 100 (S-30)

Sugar Icumsa 150

Brown Sugar Icumsa 600 To 1200

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